Our Holistic Process


Step 1: Discovery

This initial meeting serves a few purposes. First, it’s an opportunity for both parties to determine if this could be a good fit. It’s especially important for you as a potential client to feel comfortable with our process and we understand it doesn’t make sense for everyone. Second, it allows us to learn about your situation, goals, values, and a long list of important details. Finally, after gathering pertinent information, we’re able to discuss the scope of planning that makes the most sense for your unique needs.

Step 2: Review & Analysis

Between the first and second meeting, we ask that you provide any necessary documents or statements and complete a few action items. This, along with the information gathered in our first meeting, helps to paint a detailed picture. At this point, we’re able to shed some light on where you currently stand. From there, we begin to discuss potential solutions that align with your specific goals.

Step 3: Development & Coordination

Having come to a mutual agreement to move forward, we start the heavy lifting of developing a crystalized plan for you. Everything we draw up is based purely on the conversations we’ve had together. This step may also involve coordinating with any other professionals on your team, such as CPA’s and attorneys to be certain the plan is completely appropriate.

Step 4: Plan Recommendation

Here, we present the action steps required to get you to your destination. Not only that, but you can expect to be educated on why we’re making such recommendations and how they will benefit you, specifically. We prioritize the items to be addressed and clearly write out the steps in which we’ll do so.

Step 5: Implementation

By the time we get to the implementation phase, there’s no more guessing. Now, we simply walk you through the execution of the plan in a step-by-step manner. It’s truly a building process, and we navigate this critical time at a pace that makes the most sense for your situation.

Step 6: Periodic Review & Accountability

We hold periodic reviews at pre-determined intervals to ensure progress towards your goals. This makes it easy for us to update the overall plan as your life continues to change. It also gives us the opportunity to consistently address any questions so as to maintain the maximum level of clarity we strive for.

Customized Financial Planning OR Needs-Based Planning?

As part of our discovery process, we’ll determine which one of two general planning categories you fit into…

  • Customized Financial Planning - This is a highly comprehensive approach in which we’ll design a full financial plan incorporating virtually every aspect of your financial life. It offers maximum guidance and monitoring.
  • Needs-Based Planning - We understand that not everyone is ready for the implementation of a total financial plan, and that’s ok. We also work with clients in addressing single-issue planning matters as they arise, so you don’t feel like you’re going at any critical decision alone.