New Year’s Resolutions for Your Finances

Posted on 12/11/2020

When it comes to identifying financial resolutions, one is likely to get overwhelmed or pass on the idea altogether. But you’ll be in a better place if you commit to even one goal that makes sense for you. Here are 11 ideas for achievable resolutions to kick the new year off.

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2021 Retirement Plan Rules & Contribution Limits

Posted on 12/4/2020

When it comes to maximizing tax-advantaged retirement accounts, it helps to know the rules of the game. The IRS makes adjustments on an annual basis. Here’s an overview of the guidelines for 2021.

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Demystifying Disability Insurance for Physicians

Posted on 11/3/2020

Insurances can be difficult to dissect and long-term disability is no different. Yet, it’s extremely important to understand and a vital piece to many physicians’ risk management planning.

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Physician Signing Bonuses: What to Expect

Posted on 10/16/2020

What could be better than an extra financial incentive for taking that shiny new job after years of training and relatively little pay for your blood, sweat, and tears? Honestly, not much.

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Emergency Funds & How to Start Today

Posted on 9/15/2020

Everyone needs it, yet so many don’t have a sufficient Emergency Fund (or one at all). As an advisor, it’s one of the first things I check for in a client’s financial picture and one of the first things everyone should prioritize.

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Self-Employed Retirement Plan Options

Posted on 6/26/2020

It might seem obvious, but it’s still worth clarifying. A self-employed individual is a sole proprietor or independent contractor, a solopreneur, someone who reports self-employment income. Even if it’s a “side hustle” outside of your regular “9 to 5” and fits this description, you are considered self-employed.

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Financial Planning Strategies for Early Career Physicians

Posted on 5/28/2020

As a physician, you’re highly trained in a skill set that a tiny fraction of the world’s population even dares to pursue. Of course, this requires focusing on medicine and nothing else for a seemingly endless amount of time. While it can certainly help you become an exceptional healthcare provider, the years of classes and clinical rotations tend to skip over financial planning. A good grasp on this critical element will allow you to become a doctor who also leads a life of less stress and more enjoyment.

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A Guide to Getting Financially Organized

Posted on 5/26/2020

Have you ever wanted to get your financial life organized, but weren’t sure exactly where to start? Maybe not positive what documents to hunt down? Or maybe it just seemed too daunting a task without a guide? Well, hopefully this can serve as a general guide to get you started!

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Financial Steps to Consider Before Having Kids

Posted on 2/27/2020

It goes without saying that starting and growing a family can be both an extremely exciting and stressful time of life. To help make it a more manageable journey, at least from a financial standpoint, review this checklist on some key financial items to accomplish in preparation for the growth of your family. And don’t worry if you already have kids! These are all great things to review on an ongoing basis.

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